Truth About RABS


The new Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS) is due to replace the current Road Accident Fund (RAF) in the near future.  One of the problems with the current system, most notably its lack of ability to administrate available funds. There is a need for change and these changes affect you.

Our team of professionals from the Law Society of the Northern Provinces has created this website to explain the problems associated with the existing Road Accident Benefit Fund and explain how the Road Accident Benefit Scheme will work.

We are an organisation that is committed to promoting a Road Accident Benefit Scheme. Under RABS, accidents will be treated on a NO FAULT basis. Inherently, a no-fault scheme means that all drivers that can prove they have been in a motor vehicle accident, will be able to submit a claim to RABS.

Although this may sound good on face value, what this means is that all road accident victims will be able to receive a structured benefit even if the accident was your fault. Learn more about RABS.

Read our case studies and sign our RABS petition today.