Problems with the Current RAF System

Problems with the Road Accident Benefit Act

There is no doubt that there are problems with the current Road Accident Benefit Act. There have been many complaints about the RAF and its lack of administration of its available Funds.

There is a need for change. The amount of time and costs spent on administrating claims should be drastically reduced.

Built into the current RAF Act, as amended are sanctions that actually discourages litigation and compels the RAF to make an offer within 120 days from lodgement.

It is quite clear that the RAF is incapable of administrating the current workload leaving it up to their panel attorneys to finalize the matters at great expense and time spent.

Stockholders should meet and draw upon every available recourse to establish a truly sustainable, affordable and equitable system of social legislation that will focus on the specific individual needs of each victim.

RABS has been found lacking as a social benefit as the limited nature of the Benefits on offer by the Administrator will not only leave the victim wanting but also overburden Governments recourses even further as victims will be forced to draw upon other social benefits in order to make up the losses.

Conduct of the RAF
What the judges think?

Conduct of the Road Accident Fund

There have been many judgements over the years where Judges have criticised the conduct of the Road Accident Fund. Too many cases are taken to court unnecessarily by the RAF because their own staff members do not make appropriate offers in matters. Their own attorneys are frequently not briefed properly or given proper mandates to settle cases with the result that more and more legal fees are incurred.


Attorneys feel that millions, if not hundreds of millions, could be saved by the Road Accident Fund being properly administered and by making appropriate settlements within the time limits afforded by the RAF Act, as amended.


A simple example of wasted expenditure is suppliers claims where medical service providers like ambulance services and doctors are forced to litigate due to lack of settlement.

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